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Registered number: 2018-4854
Active: 3 x 109 cfu/g Bacillus amyloliquefaciens + Purpureocillium lilacinum powder


Main function:

  • It can alleviate the damage of many plants nematodes such as root-knot nematodes, cyst nematodes and stem nematodes;
  • It can promote the decomposition of soil organic matter, improve soil fertility, improve soil structure, regulate soil pH and salinization, and repair soil compaction etc.
  • It can increase the amount of soil beneficial microbial flora and inhibit pathogenic microorganisms. Long-term using can reduce the occurrence of crop soil-borne diseases and heavy dead trees;
  • Enhance the plant resistance and effectively improve the resistance of plants to adverse environments such as high temperature, drought, and excessive fertilizer;
  • Dissolving phosphorus and potassium, it can indirectly supply phosphorus for plants, and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus and potassium in soil;
  • It can produce compounds around the rhizosphere that stimulate the root growth of the crops and induce the defense response of the crops, improve the microenvironment of the roots, enhance the growth and disease resistance of the plants, thereby achieving root-promoting crops, increasing crop yields and income.

Application method:

Crops period Dosage Application method Function
Fruit trees Budding stage 30 kg / ha mixed and evenly applied with budding fertilizer Strip / hole / root irrigation It can protect the roots, improve the fertilizer effect, and improve the cold and drought resistance of the sprouts.
Fruiting period after anthesis 30 kg / ha mixed and evenly applied with top dressing It can protect root and root, improve fertilizer efficiency, stimulate production potential, improve resistance and disease resistance, and promote transformation and absorption of flower and fruit fertilizer.
Harvest time 30 kg / ha of mixed and uniform application of top dressing / post harvest fertilizer Improve the fertilizer effect, strengthen the tree vigor and prevent premature aging.
Melons & vegetables Transplanting and colonization period 15kg / ha of mixed base fertilizer Strip / hole / root irrigation Prevent dead trees, root rot, improve fertilizer efficiency and promote rooting.
Adult stage 22.5kg / ha mixed and evenly applied with top dressing Prevent root rot, improve fertilizer efficiency, promote root disease control and enhance plant potential.
20 days before harvest 30 kg / ha mixed and evenly applied with top dressing Improve the fertilizer effect, stimulate the potential of increasing production and improve the quality of melon and vegetable.