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Shaanxi Kanghelifeng Bioscience and Pharmacy Co., Ltd, known as 陕西康禾立丰生物科技药业有限公司 in Chinese, is a corporation regulated by ICAMA that was founded in 2009 with the aim of creating long-term solutions for crop protection through innovative approaches. We leverage our extensive expertise in products and production methods across all stages of product development. Our product range encompasses conventional synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, as well as botanical insecticides, fungicides, bio-stimulants, microbial fertilizers, plant extracts, and more.

Shaanxi Kanghelifeng Bioscience and Pharmacy Co., Ltd has established the leading Chinese eco-friendly brand, Konho, catering to thousands of farmers and organic plantations, thereby contributing to food safety and environmental sustainability. With a comprehensive marketing network and technical teams throughout China, Konho has emerged as the largest and most renowned brand in China, specializing in eco-agricultural inputs such as botanical pesticides and microbial fertilizers.

The vision of Konho is to become a global leader recognized for the quality and development of its products, its exceptional customer service, and its commitment to environmental stewardship.