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Product Name: Cyflumetofen 15% + Bifenazate 25% SC

PD Number: PD20230501

Scope and method of application:


Crops Targets Dosage Method
Citrus tree Red spider 2000-3000 times Spray
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Product Features:

  1. New choice of acaricide: The first combination of two different compounds with different mechanisms has an excellent control effect on eggs, young mites, wakame mites, and adult mites, especially on dinoflagellate mites, with enhanced effectiveness and reduced resistance, and no cross-resistance with existing acaricides.
  2. Good fast-acting property: it works on mites in 4 hours, paralyzes them in 12 hours, and reaches the peak of killing on adult mites and mites in 48 hours, and the addition of plant acaricidal ingredients increases the compound efficacy itself by more than 30%.
  3. Good safety: safe for flowers, humans and animals, natural enemies, and bees, and does not affect bee pollination.

Application Method:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Citrus Red spider 2000-3000 times Spray
Winter jujube Tetranychus urticae, red spider 1000-1500 times Spray
Eggplant, pepper White spider, red spider 1000-1500 times Spray
Flowers Red spider 1500-2000 times Spray
Cotton Red spider 2000-3000 times Spray
Apple Tetranychus urticae 1500-2000 times Spray


  1. EXERED mainly by contact poisoning, when spraying should make both sides of the leaf evenly coated, spray evenly and through.
  2. When the population of red and white spiders is large, it is recommended to mix with quick-acting actives such as abamectin or adjuvants.
  3. It is recommended that EXERED and other products be used in rotation during a production season to slow down the emergence of mite resistance.
  4. This product is toxic to silkworms and should be applied away from mulberry gardens.