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Product name: Cnidiadin 1% SL

Synonym: Osthole

PD Number: PD20171466

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Grape Powdery mildew 1000-2000 times dilution Spray

This product has been inspected by ECOCERT F-32600 and obtained the input evaluation certificate. It is suitable for organic agricultural production under Chinese and US standards

Label (Chinese)


  • DORI is Konho’s solution for resistant powdery mildew. Traditional chemical fungicides for control have the characteristics of slow fading, short duration, easy to cause phytotoxicity, and contamination of fruit surfaces. After 8 years of research and selection, based on Osthole, DORI utilizes Osthole to inhibit the secretion of extracellular esterase by powdery mildew fungi, weakening their adhesion to the host epidermis. This effectively reduces the invasion of the pathogen. Osthole causes the contraction, collapse, and dissolution of powdery mildew hyphae, accompanied by the leakage of cellular contents, inhibiting germ tube elongation and hyphal growth. Without extending the spore formation cycle, it reduces the number of conidia formed, preventing the pathogen from reinfecting. Additionally, it is complemented by 8 traditional Chinese herbs fermented and purified through a cold extraction chelation method. After 5 years of validation in various regions and crops, when sprayed at a dilution of 750 times, DORI demonstrates excellent control effects against powdery mildew in various crops such as grapes, strawberries, peppers, watermelons, cucumbers, flowers, and apples. It features rapid fading within 24 hours, complete collapse within 48 hours, and a duration of over 8 days. It is safe for use on flowers, fruits, and tender leaves, causing no harm to fruit fuzz and no contamination of fruit surfaces. When used during the flowering period, it minimizes the occurrence of deformed fruits. It is effective against highly resistant powdery mildew, suitable for a variety of crops, environmentally friendly with no residue, and meets the residue requirements for green vegetables and export-oriented crops. When mixed with MITA at a dilution of 750 times, its effectiveness can be enhanced within 24 hours, and the duration can be extended to over 10 days.


  1. Early in the onset of the disease, apply DORI at a single dosage of 750-1000 times dilution, spraying once every 5-7 days. Better results can be achieved with continuous use for 2-3 times.
  2. In case of severe outbreaks, the dosage can be increased to 500 times. If used in conjunction with conventional fruit and vegetable bases or chemical agents, it can reduce resistance to chemical formulations and have a significant synergistic effect.
  3. For particularly severe cases, it is recommended to combine with biological agents or microbial agents for spray or fruit washing. This not only avoids damage to fruit powder and fruit surfaces but also provides faster and longer-lasting effectiveness. We recommend combining with Konho’s MITA or BEAUTY-FRUIT for biological control.