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Product Name: Hexaconazole 5% + Kresoxim-methyl 25% SC

PD Number: PD20121819

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Cucumber Powdery mildew 0.1-0.2 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. The three-in-one combination of disease prevention, treatment, and eradication protects crops from diseases for a long time, is effective for all fungal diseases, and controls more than 200 kinds of diseases.
  2. The resistance is low, and it solves the defect that Strobilurin (Kresoxim-methyl) easily produce resistance.
  3. It can delay the early senescence of leaves, promote the brightness and quality of melons and fruits, and the grains can increase the yield by 11-18%.
  4. Widely used in rice, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.

Application Method:

Crops Targets Dosage Advantage
Rice Sheath blight, Rice false smut 0.225-0.3Kg/ha Roots are strong and promote growth, with an increase of more than 1000 kg per hectare.
Grape Powdery mildew, White rot, Sphaceloma ampelinum 2000-2500 times Solve the problem of rotten ears and rotten fruits without hurting the fruit powder.
Apple Brown spot, Altermaria leaf spot 2000-3000 times Balance calcium absorption and prevent bitter pit.
Chinese data Rust fungus, Brown spot 2000-2500 times Early use can effectively prevent green spot and snowflake disease.
Pear Venturia inaequalis, Ring rot, Black-butt disease 3000-4000 times The fruit surface has high quality without rust and spots.
Melon Vegetables Powdery mildew, Rust fungus, Leaf spot 1500 times To prevent premature aging, you can harvest more fruits.
Banana Venturia inaequalis, Leaf spot 1500 times The leaves are greener and the fruit in uniform size.