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Registered number: 2018-11830
Active: Organic water soluble fertilizer (Organic matter ≥120g/L; N+P2O5+K2O≥120g/L; Mn+Zn+B: 10g/L-30g/L; pH: 5.0-7.0; water insoluble matter ≤20g/L)


  • It is rich in mass elements and medium and trace elements to promote greening and healthy growth of leaves.
  • The active ingredients derived from Chinese herbal medicine promote the absorption of B and Ca by plants and promote the healthy growth of flowers and fruits.
  • Active ingredients can improve the quality of fruits, both external and internal.
  • It has the effect of increasing production, especially when used with Konho’s microbial fertilizer such as BEAUTY-FRUIT, SOILLYSA, SANDEKO, it can enhance the use effect of these microbial fertilizer.

Application method:

Crops Stage Dosage Method Function
Fruit trees pre-bloom 300-400 times Foliar Promote flower and fruit growth
Coloring period, Turning stage, maturation phase 300 times Improve fruit quality
After harvesting to before falling leaves 300-400 times Prevent premature aging
Melons and vegetables Seedling stage 300-500 times Promote leaf growth
Adult-plant stage 300-400 times Improve plant stress resistance
Fruiting period to harvesting period 300 times Promote flower and fruit growth, enhance fruit quality
Fruit trees Germination stage 150Kg/ha Watering root Activate the root system to improve germination and plant stress resistance.
Before flowering to fruiting 150Kg/ha Protecting roots to increase production
Harvesting 150-225Kg/ha Improve fruit quality
Melons and vegetables Transporting and setting stage 75Kg/ha Activate the root system to promote growth
Adult-plant stage 75Kg/ha Improve growth and increase yield
20 days before harvesting 75-150Kg/ha Improve quality and yield