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Product Name: Thiophanate-methyl 32% + Epoxiconazole 3% SC

PD Number: PD20173238

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Wheat Powdery mildew 1.395-1.5 L/ha Spray
Wheat Scab 1.395-1.5 L/ha Spray
Wheat Rust 1.395-1.5 L/ha Spray

Product Features:

  1. It has better effect on wheat scab, powdery mildew, rust and sheath blight.
  2. After spraying, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the crop, which is resistant to rain erosion and protects the crop from disease for a long time.

Application Method:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Wheat Gibberellic disease, powdery mildew, rust 1.5Kg/ha Foliar
Peanut Leaf spot 600-800 times Foliar