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Product Name: Flonicamid 20% + Thiamethoxam 40% WG

PD Number: PD20182932

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Methods of application
Cucumber Aphids 0.075-0.09 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. Unique Approach, Multiple Insecticidal Actions: PILOTIDE employs a distinctive method with contact killing, stomach poisoning, antifeedant, and systemic effects, hindering aphids from feeding on sap normally, leading to antifeedant behavior and eventual death.
  2. Environmentally Friendly, High Safety: Extensive field experiments have confirmed that PILOTIDE is safe for aphid natural enemies such as ladybugs and ants. Simultaneously, it has no impact on aquatic flora and fauna. At the recommended dosage, it is safe for crops, causing no harm.

Application Method:

Crops Target Dosage Application method
Vegetables Flea beetle, aphid, thrip 750-1000 times Spray
Citrus Aphid, Psylla, leaf miner 1500-2000 times Spray
Beans Aphid, whitefly, thrip 750-1000 times Spray
Melons Aphid, whitefly, thrip 750-1000 times Spray
Pear Aphid, leaf folder 1500-2000 times Spray
Cotton Aphid, cotton bollworm 1500-2000 times Spray


  1. Prohibited for use on zucchini, pumpkin, winter melon, roselle, sweet corn, glutinous corn, roses, and other specified crops.
  2. For crops such as water spinach, bitter dish, and bitter gourd (fruiting stage), potential risks may occur. It is advisable to conduct trials before widespread application.
  3. Prohibited for use on cruciferous seedlings (before 6 leaves), watermelon, and melon (before vine length reaches 1 meter). It should not be promoted without careful consideration.