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Product Name:Thifluzamide 5% + Thiophanate-methyl 35% SC

PD Number: PD20172817

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Rice Rice false smut 0.525-0.6 L/ha Spray
Rice Rice blast 0.525-0.6 L/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. It is safe for young leaves, flowers and young fruits of the crop, and it can be used safely during the whole growth period.
  2. It has significant control effects on various crops and various diseases.
  3. Systematic conduction protects crops in its entirety.
  4. Scientific proportioning, reciprocal increase of drug effect is significant, and resistance is relieved.
  5. Enhance the crop’s resistance to stress, delay senescence, and improve the fruit quality.
  6. It can be applied by foliage or drip irrigation.

Application Method:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Rice Sheath blight, Rice blast, Rice false smut 20-30g/15L water Foliar
Wheat Gibberellic disease, Powdery mildew, Rust, Sheath blight 20-30g/15L water Foliar
Peanut Leaf spot, Southern blight, Rust 20-30g/15L water Foliar
Citrus Scab, Yellow Spot, Anthracnose 1000-1500times Foliar
Apple Mould core disease, Black point, Red speck disease, Leaf cast
Grape White rot, Anthracnose, Acid rot
Medicine herb Root rot 3Kg/ha Foliar
Onion Root rot 3Kg/ha Foliar