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Product name: Matrine 0.3% SL

PD Number: PD20150393

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Application method
Grape Anthracnose 500-800 times Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product features:

MITA is a biological fungicide derived from several plant, Sophora flavescens and others. With the special formulation technique of Konho, MITA has a wide spectrum of control, which is effective for lower fungi and bacteria. Most importantly, it has obvious synergistic effect with biological products or chemical products. MITA is a pure biological formulation, free of chemical pesticides, suitable for organic base crops. It also contains a variety of plant nutrients and microelements, which can not only increase the efficacy of sterilization, but also balance nutrition. Because all the actives come from nature, MITA has very small resistance and is very suitable for crops with high resistance to chemical pesticides. Using insecticides and fungicides in combination with MITA can improve the wax sense on the surface of leaves and fruits.

Application method:

Target Method
Downy mildew, blight MITA 750-1000times + Dimethomorph 32% + Cyazofamid 8% SC/ Metalaxyl-M 35% FSC/ Cyazofamid 20% SC/ Dimethomorph 80% WG
Bacteria disease MITA 750 times + Kasugamycin 10% WP/ Oxine-copper 40% SC
Anthrax, leaf spot MITA 1000 times + Difenoconazole 20% ME/ Tebuconazole 50% + Kresoxim-methyl 20% WG/ Bromothalonil 15% + Prochloraz 15% WP
Target leaf spot MITA 750 times + Bromothalonil 15% + Prochloraz 15% WP + Kasugamycin 10% WP/ Oxine-copper 40% SC+ Pyraclostrobin

Special attention: spray evenly and thoughtfully when using, spray on the top and back of the leaves. Do not mix with organosilicon or vegetable oil products. Please use above 20 °C.