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Product name: Matrine 0.3% SL

PD Number: PD20150393

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Application method
Grape Anthracnose 500-800 times Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product features:

  1. Wide spectrum of prevention and control, effective against various fungi and bacteria. When mixed with chemical products, it shows a significant enhancement, rapidly drying and scabbing the affected areas, improving efficiency by over 30%.
  2. When used in combination, there is no need for additional use of organosilicon or vegetable oil-based products.
  3. Pure plant-based extract containing a variety of nutrients and trace elements derived from plants, providing both fungicidal and nutritional benefits.
  4. Safe for beneficial insects such as bees, predatory mites, and spiders.
  5. Recommended for organic plantations powdery mildew control: MITA+DORI. For conventional plantations diseases control, the following bio-chemical combination solutions are recommended:

Application method:

Targets Combinations
Gray mold 150-300 times spray
Downy mildew, blight MITA 750-1000times + DOWNYLIGHT (Dimethomorph 32% + Cyazofamid 8% SC) / DOWNYLER (Metalaxyl-M 35% FSC) / CLEDOWNY (Cyazofamid 20% SC) / REFRESHING (Dimethomorph 80% WG)
Bacteria disease MITA 750 times + METO (Kasugamycin 10% WP) / AVATAR (Oxine-copper 40% SC)
Anthracnose, leaf spot MITA 1000 times + DIFENOCON (Difenoconazole 20% ME) / TCHUTAO (Tebuconazole 50% + Kresoxim-methyl 20% WG) / PAVEST (Bromothalonil 15% + Prochloraz 15% WP)
Target leaf spot MITA 750 times + PAVEST (Bromothalonil 15% + Prochloraz 15% WP) + METO (Kasugamycin 10% WP) / AVATAR (Oxine-copper 40% SC)+ Pyraclostrobin