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Product Name: Kasugamycin 10% WP

PD Number: PD20140586

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Rice Rice blast 0.345-0.405 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. The raw material of fermentation is food grade glucose, which is safe for crops and can cure and prevent diseases.
  2. Pure white color with greater systemic conductivity makes outstanding effect.
  3. It can be used in the whole growth period of crops.

Application Method:

Crop Target Dosage Method
Rice Rice blast, Rice bacterial blight 1500 times Spray
Eggplant, Pepper Bacterial wilt, leaf mold, bacterial disease 1500 times Spray
500 times Root irrigation
Melons Gummy stem blight, Angular Leaf Spot 1500 times Spray
Chinese cabbage Soft rot 1500 Spray
Ginger Blast 1500 times Root irrigation
Mango Bacterial angular leaf spot 1500 times Spray
Citrus Canker 2000 times Spray
Tobacco Wildfire, Angular leaf spot 1500 times Spray
Peach Bacterial shot hole 2000-2500 times Spray


  • Rice neck blast: Apply METO 1500 times dilution for prevention before heading out; Leaf blast: In the early stage of the disease, treat 500-750 times dilution based on the severity of the disease, spray twice continuously every 7 days.
  • Bacterial wilt: Recommended soil disinfection before transplanting, can be mixed with AVATAR, and simultaneously spray the entire plant with METO at a dilution of 1500 times dilution for disinfection. 7-10 days after transplanting, use METO mixed with hymexazol at a dilution of 1500 times for root irrigation, effectively preventing the disease.
  • For the specific control of leaf mold, use a 1500 times dilution for spraying in the early stages of medication.
  • For Gummy stem blight, spray METO at a dilution of 1500 times before and after pruning for prevention. Spray once every 7-10 days for 2-3 consecutive treatments; focus on spraying on the lower stems and leaves of the melon seedlings and the ground. In the early stage of the disease: spray METO at a concentration of 800-1000 times for prevention. In severely affected areas in the late stage of the disease, dilute METO into a 10 times dilution paste and apply it to the ulcerated areas. It dries within 24 hours and is less likely to recur.
  • Ginger blight: Use METO at a dilution of 1500 times for regular root irrigation for prevention; in the early stage of the disease, irrigate each plant with 1000-1500 times solution at 0.5L per plant, once every 7 days, continuously irrigate for 3 times.


  • METO has slight phytotoxicity to legumes and lotus roots, so caution should be taken when used in nearby soybean and lotus fields.