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Product Name: Pymetrozine 50% + Dinotefuran 20% WG

PD Number: PD20182181

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Rice Rice hopper 0.15-0.18 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. Best Compatibility, Excellent Ratio: Higher insecticidal efficiency and longer duration.
  2. Imported adjuvants for significant enhancement: Effectively kills resistant whiteflies, boosting overall efficacy.
  3. Dual systemic absorption, comprehensive insect control: Particularly effective against migratory whiteflies, providing sustained eradication.
  4. Hollow granulation, spiral disintegration: Ensures uniform coverage for higher preventive efficacy.
  5. Reduced resistance, effective against eggs: Lowers the reproductive base of whiteflies, with effectiveness lasting for more than 19 days.
  6. Continuous insect control, secondary peak: Thoroughly eliminates dead insects.

Application Method:

Crops Target Dosage Application method
Rice Rice planthopper 75-120 g/ha Spray
Cucumber, eggplant, tomato, tea Whitefly, Tea green leafhopper 2000-2500 times Spray
Pear, peach, cotton aphid 5000-6000 times Spray