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Product Name: Tebuconazole 30% + Azoxystrobin 20% SC

PD Number: PD20142339

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Cucumber Anthracnose 0.27-0.36 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)


  1. Enhanced disease prevention and health, effective against various fungi, retards aging, boosts crop immunity, promotes greener leaves, and extends the harvest period, thereby increasing yields and income.



Crops Targets Dosage Method
Mango Anthracnose, red spots 2000-2500 times Spray
Rice Sheath blight 1500 times Spray
Wheat Wheat scab, rust, powdery mildew 2000-2500 times Spray
Peanut Leaf spot, Root and stem rot 2000-3000 times Spray


  1. Do not mix with emulsifiable concentrate, organophosphorus, or organosilicon during spraying. There is a risk of phytotoxicity on certain early-maturing apple varieties and cherries.