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Product Name: Thiamethoxam 20% + Pymetrozine 50% WG

PD Number: PD20171578

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Rice Rice hopper 0.06-0.09 Kg/ha Spray
Label (Chinese)

Product Features:

  1. Rapidly inhaled after application.
  2. The best ratio of content, high co-toxicity coefficient, faster drug effect and longer duration.
  3. Not easy to photolysis, rain-resistant make more stable effect.
  4. Promoting roots and strong seedlings, making crop stalks and roots more robust.

Application Method:

Crop Target Dosage Application method
Fruit tree Aphid, whitefly, Woodlice, Stink bug 4000-5000times Foliar
Rice Rice planthopper, rice thrip, rice weevil 4-6g/15L water Foliar
Fruit and vegetables Aphid, thrip, whitefly 3000-4000times Foliar
Tea, sugar-cane Tea leafhopper, aphid 3000-4000times Foliar
Wheat Aphid 0.06-0.09Kg/ha Foliar