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Product name: Oligosaccharins 0.5% SL

PD Number: PD20150488

Scope and method of application:

Crops Targets Dosage Application method
Tomato Virus disease 12.9-16.2 L/ha Spray
Cotton Verticillium wilt 2.25-3 L/ha Spray
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Product features:

  1. Induces plant resistance, providing immunity and killing effects against various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Exhibits excellent control over diseases such as cotton verticillium wilt, tobacco virus, and tomato late blight.
  2. Alters soil rhizosphere microorganisms, promoting the growth of beneficial microbes and suppressing the reproduction of plant pathogens.
  3. Activates cells, enhances root vigor, and strengthens crop resistance, promoting plant growth and development.
  4. Stimulates the expression of genes within plants, leading to the production of disease-resistant enzymes, chitinases, glucanases, phytoalexins, and PR proteins, thereby enhancing crop disease resistance.
  5. Widely applicable for the prevention and control of various plant diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi in fruit trees, vegetables, root crops, tobacco, medicinal herbs, and cereal cotton crops.

Application method:

Crops Targets Dosage Method
Cotton Verticillium wilt 9-12 L/ha Drop irrigation
Tomato Virus disease 2.7-3.75 L/ha Spray
Tobacco Virus disease 1.5-2.25 L/ha Spray
Cucurbitaceous vegetables Virus disease 30-75 L/ha Root application
Fruit trees Improve stress resistance 300-500 times Spray