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Product name: Celastrus angulatus 0.3% EW

PD Number: PD20182273

Scope and method of application:

Crops Pests Dosage Method
Cabbage Striped flea beetles 1.5-1.8 L/ha Spray
Chinese chive Root maggot 1.35-1.5 L/ha Root-irrigation

This product has been inspected by ECOCERT F-32600 and obtained the input evaluation certificate. It is suitable for organic agricultural production under US standards

Label (Chinese)

Product features:

CELAS is a biological insecticide derived from nature plant Celastrus angulata Max. and several traditional medicine herbs. CELAS is a pure biological formulation, free of chemical pesticides, suitable for organic base crops. Because all the actives come from nature, CELAS has very small resistance and is very suitable for crops with high resistance to chemical pesticides. In addition to against Flea Beetle and root maggot, CELAS is also effective in controlling worms.
CELAS has obtained the organic input certification of American Standard.

Application method:

Targets Dosage and method
Flea Beetle 1.5-1.8 Kg/ha foliar
Root maggot 1.5Kg/ha watering root

Remarks: Please make sure that the spray is uniform. It is better to spray on the leaf surface and the back of the leaf to start dripping.